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The New Perspective (NP) is a 501 (c) (3) organization that encourages the elite intellectual Haitian to research and advocate multiple topics such as politics, socioeconomics, social justice, social policy, culture, and technology. Our discussions include strategies for education, economic growth, empowerment, small businesses supports, and long-term development. NP’s main goal is to help the Haitian people particularly youth to build a prosperous, strong, and sustainable future.

We aim to support Haiti’s small businesses, improving livelihoods, enhancing education and exploring thouroughly the connections between agriculture, energy, and environment. We are currently focused on enhancing the Haitian human capital by reopening technical and professional schools such as J.B. Damier, Centre Pilot, and Ecole Nationale de Arts et métiers. Human capital is the ability to increase one’s net worth. We can enhance human capital by creating sustainable economic growth in the sectors of education, health, energy, tourism, housing, agriculture, environment, and manufacturing.